Property Owners

Shopping Centres, Office Blocks, High Rises, Strata (Residential and Commercial), Industrial & Business Parks

Are you the owner of a property, either residential or commercial?

Property owners insurance, whether commercial or residential requires specialist insurance protection. Our specialist property owners insurance policies offer bespoke insurance protection for both residential and commercial property owners.

What does Building Insurance cover for property owners?

Building insurance can cover against most risks to commercial property, which can include:

  • Natural disasters such as storms, fire, rain damage and more
  • Theft of fixtures and in some cases stock
  • OHS legal costs
  • Rent default
  • Glass damage repair
  • Claims preparation costs
  • Material or equipment damage to commercial property
  • Third party and liability claims

We can help you help with:

  • Assessing your exposure to risks.
  • Planning the insurance of your property during its construction.
  • Understanding policy wordings, exclusions and other complex terms.
  • Arranging insurance for your property portfolio.
  • Finding competitive premiums and the most suitable insurers.
  • Managing your claims