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Whilst everyone else is focussed on innovating the insurance sales process, here is one company that is focussed on innovating risk management. What's more – it's free!

  • Imagine the ability to see and document all risks to a central location with a risk manager or Insurer as it happens. The ability to Obtain Insurance Quotes and store policy documents.
  • This powerful, yet simple APP can provide leading indicators of risk and not lagging risk details after the event.
  • A must have APP for anyone in business seeking to protect their staff, assets and business and manage their insurance program and paperwork.
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Capture images of incidents as they happen through the App and report them directly to your risk manager or insurance broker.

Excellent functionality. Simple and clean layout design. Obtain insurance quotes directly from your phone. Save all your insurance policy documents and insurance certificates within your phone for ease of access and the ability to send them to anyone whilst on the move.